Dear OPGG PUBG players,
Two years past, we have a tendency to introduced the globe to Erangel, the primary map discharged for OPGG PUBG and for several, their initial ever Battle Royale map expertise. Since then we’ve continuing to evolve our game and unleash new maps, feat Erangel stuck somewhere between the core OPGG PUBG expertise and slightly noncurrent. Knowing this, we’ve got been ceaselessly grouping and analyzing your feedback, particularly once it involves loot and spawn rate problems. when serious thought of of these factors, we’ve got created the choice to remaster Erangel. we have a tendency to perceive this task are going to be difficult. To somehow bring Erangel to the visual and plan of action fidelity of newer maps, whereas keeping the magic and yearning that created Erangel and OPGG PUBG in style within the initial place are going to be no simple task. That’s specifically why we wish to enhance and check it aboard our players.
A project like this needs associate huge quantity of effort and can be completed in phases that may occur over many months. throughout the project, we’ll be emotional sections of the remaster for testing and feedback as we have a tendency to complete and apply the changes. For the primary step in such an enormous modification, we’ll initial be adjusting the loot and spawn rates of Erangel, that we have a tendency to decide to apply to the check server tomorrow. Today, we’d prefer to share the direction and therefore the intention of those changes to loot.
Before we have a tendency to Begin…
As expressed higher than, a project like this can need time, testing, and iteration. we wish to fret that none of those phases deployed for public testing are going to be thought-about final till applied to measure servers. Likewise, any tests, impressions, leaks, and data processing ought to be taken within the context that they’re one piece of a full puzzle. every check are going to be amid player feedback and internal knowledge, therefore please keep a watch out for official communications on the standing of Erangel testing.
Item Spawn Rates on Erangel
Our key goal with item spawn rates in OPGG PUBG is to balance the chaos of attempting to survive in extreme circumstances with the fun of getting the weapons players wish to use. to feature to the chaos portion of this goal, OPGG PUBG item spawn system is totally random and pulls from a master table that distributes the loot otherwise each single game. Being our initial map, Erangel was designed to be extremely random with a lower spawn rate.
As the time gone and new maps came out, play patterns conjointly began to evolve and progress from the first days of PUBG. This light-emitting diode to Erangel’s gift loot system being way more noticeable. With community feedback on this subject growing all round the world, the event team started creating makes an attempt to resolve the problem.
As you’ll see from the graph below, the spawn rate in Erangel overall has been steady exaggerated between Early Access and currently. In Gregorian calendar month of 2018, even when the patch to exclude covering things from the map, we’ve got continuing adding new things and attachments to extend spawn rates. However, because the new map trends continuing, we have a tendency to began to contemplate way more serious changes.


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