Online casino games as a professional riversweeps gambler. Did you know that there are people who make a living from online gambling?

According to Jim Douglas a professional online gambler who claims to make between $8000 to $30 000 per month from his gambling activities gambling can be a full time job. According to riversweeps him one must approach gambling like one would approach a game of chess and take it as serious as one would take a full time job.

One should plan ahead and figure out when the casino is going to pay and when the casino is not going to pay. According to Jim most people who lose money at casino slot games, play the slot games without giving it much thought. He discovered that some riversweeps casino slot games will make lets say 12 spins without paying anything and then pay some money out, just to take another 24 spins without paying out anything and then paying on spin 25 again.

The reason why the casinos do this is to take lets say 20% of a gamers money and then give 10% back again to keep the gambler positive to let him build confidence to lose over time all his money to the casino.

The best scientific method of calculating when a casino slot game will pay and when it is going to take your money is to actually count the numbers of spins this is according to Jim who has created his own methodology to increase his odds when playing casino slot games.

According to Jim what you need to do is – play the minimum amount of money that you can bet at a time on casino slot games – Lets say the minimum bet is $0.10 and the maximum riversweeps amount is $5.00 then start your betting at $0.10 play at the minimum bet amount until you get your first win. Now continue playing the next few games at $0.10 and count the number of spins to your next win.

Lets say it takes 20 spins before you have your next win. This will tell you that for this session the casino slots game needed to make 20 spins before you had a winning. Keep record of your next spins every spin you make now is one spin less to a next win. According to Jim if you play the next 10 games at $0.10 and the next games between spin 11 – 20 at lets say $0.50 you only lose $1.00 for your first 10 spins. But the slots needs to win again within lets say 11 to 30 spins to keep the players positive to keep them playing. By increasing your betting amount after the first 10 spins to $0.50 you have reduced your risk of losing riversweeps and because you raised it after the 10th spin you have increased your chance of winning more money, you have increased your wagering which should increase your chances of beating the casino at its own game.

According to Jim if you were betting for 20 spins and still have not win anything, you should increase your wagering to the maximum amount that you can because you would have had 20 losing spins and the winning spin should be only a few more spins away. As soon as you win you should go back to the minimum betting amount count the spins again, and increase it accordingly as you reach certain amounts of losing spins.

According to Jim it is a game of patience to make a full time career out of gambling and one should know when to quit but with a good amount of patience you can win more than you will lose with online casino games. You just need to anticipate the winning patterns. The winning patterns are random and it may take some time for you to figure out some structure in what seems to be chaos so prepare yourself to lose some money before you will start to recognize the winning patterns.

One must remember that although it might work for Jim it still has a element of Luck to it, and remember that gambling is game of chance and anything may happen. Gambling can be riversweeps addictive and you should play it only for your own entertainment and never bet anything that you do not consider lost already.

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