Internet cafe software open source is mostly used in Cyber Cafe or Internet Cafe – the place where you can spend time and check email, chat on-line, play on-line and offline games or simply hangout with friends. Cyber Cafes usually provide food and drinks to raise profits and to make a place that customers would want to return to. A safe place for customers to use the computers may result in a profitable business.

Create a business plan

Fistly, define Internet cafe software open source you will use and food and drinks to offer to customers in your cafe. Then, inventory and startup costs, business insurance and permits required. And thirdly, think of the ways to promote your Internet cafe software open source. And list all workers and their duties in the fourth section.

Register the business

You’ll need to register your business with the responsible office in your county. At first, apply for a license through the county clerk’s workplace or by contacting your business administration workplace. Then, apply for employer identification number provided by the Internal Revenue Service. You will need to include this number on all state and federal tax return forms. At last, apply for a sales tax license from your state’s department of revenue to just accept sales tax from services like Internet cafe software open source and food and drinks provided at your Intenet Cafe.

Purchase business insurance

Business insurance could comprise of property, product and general liability to help reduce or cover all the costs of damages to property, computers or costs related to a suit or settlement. If you plan to hire the staff, you’d need worker’s compensation insurance.

Lease commercial real space

Lease place big enough to accommodate computer stations, lounge areas, inventory storage and counter area for cash registers. Alternatively, you can contact your local real estate agents and they will assist you in finding the best location for your Internet cafe software open source.

Decide on number of computers

Buy equipments such as computers, keyboards, mouses, tables for PC and chairs and comfortable furniture for lounge areas. Moreover, buy extra equipments, like routers, a main computer to use as a server, antivirus system, product licenses (if providing on-line games to customers), electrical wires and PC cables. Register for net-hosting services using a reliable web host supplier.

Decide how much to charge customes

Calculate what to charge customers for Internet cafe software open source use, how you’ll charge them: by minute, hour or by gaming session. Additionally, consider net hosting and maintenance costs once deciding on the price to charge.

Create a menu

Show food and drinks menu and prices for them in a section visible to customers. Confirm in what proportion to charge for food and drinks considering the ingredients used and preparation time.

Things required

  • Business plan
  • Commercial place
  • Computers and equipment
  • Internet access
  • Food and drinks


Create a site and social media pages to pomote your Internet Cafe to tourists, locals and people visiting for business. Hold recreation nights to draw in regular customers. Maintain computers by running frequent virus scans, deleting the PC history minimum once every day and limiting the categories of sites customers are allowed to visit to reduce virus attacks. With Internet cafe software open source you can manage all your activities.


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